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Mind-Breath Balancing

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This technique is subtle but ever so powerful to make positive change

for conditions of anxiety and blocks of the mind!

Psychological thoughts can stress the energy system of the body. These issues can weaken the electrodynamics of the body’s acupuncture system. When a lot of issues weaken the system, it is difficult to overcome our issues and move forward in our lives. When these energy circuits are strengthened, we then seem to be able to deal with our issues in a stronger, more positive way, and go forward in life.


Muscle Response Testing can determine if our circuits weaken when we think certain thoughts. If many of our thoughts are weak, we will perform in a very weak manner, never taking charge of our lives. We can quite easily strengthen ourselves in relation to our psychological issues with The Breath Technique. It is a simple technique that makes subtle changes in the personality. But by practicing it over time, these subtle changes will become accumulative and make profound changes. These profound changes can empower us to help overcome our obstacles to living a happy life.


Muscle Response Testing

Muscle Testing is a good way to indicate where your psychological weaknesses are. We all have these weaknesses but they can be strengthened. If you work through these general ISSUES, you will help to transform yourself.

You probably don’t know how to test your muscle response to a psychological issue to determine which ones are weak for you. But it won’t matter. Just do the Breath Technique for each of the following issues anyhow, whether you would test weak or strong. This is a quicker way to change yourself, rather than spending a long time in counseling.


The Mind-Breath Balancing Technique

1. Pick a Psychological Issue, whether it be general or specific issue.

2. Say or think of the issue. "The fear of..."   or  "The anxiety of..."

3. Take a breath in and out twice.

4. Your muscle test will now be strong for that issue. Then do the same for the next issue.


Balance as many issues as your intuition allows you at one time, probably the average is 7-17 per day.

You can continue the next day. Use your intuition to guide you if you need a little more of a break before continuing.

If you print off the Word Document, then you can check them off the list as you do them.

NOTE:  It is best to start with Childhood Fears Energy Balancing, then do these General Psychological Issues.

                   When you are done with both of these lists, then you can work on a Specific Issue and make your own list.                 






General Psychological & Emotional Issues

After doing the Childhood Fears, then you can balance this List of General Psychological Issues.

Go through the General List of Issues twice, one time for each of the following:

The fear of…. living etc.

The anxiety of….  living etc.


General List of Issues

  1. Living

  2. Dying

  3. Deserving to live

  4. Wishing for death

  5. Being happy

  6. Being unhappy

  7. Liking myself

  8. Not liking myself

  9. Accepting myself

  10. Being healthy

  11. Being sick

  12. Success

  13. Failure

  14. Being helpless

  15. Loss of interest in things

  16. Faith in God

  17. Loss of faith in God

  18. Past

  19. Present

  20. Future

  21. Not having friends

  22. My friends not liking me

  23. Work/school

  24. Being loved

  25. Not being loved

  26. Relationships

  27. Falling in love

  28. Being manipulated/controlled

  29. Anger

  30. Hatred

  31. Jealousy

  32. Depression

  33. Being sad

  34. Being happy

  35. Insecurity

  36. Losing control

  37. Not being acknowledged

  38. Not being heard

  39. Listening to others

  40. No one caring

  41. In denial

  42. Deceiving myself

  43. Being honest

  44. Being true to myself

  45. Having integrity

  46. Forgiving myself

  47. Being forgiven

  48. Disliking my physical appearance

  49. Being sexy

  50. Hating myself

  51. Change itself

  52. Making positive change

  53. Negative thoughts

  54. Being trusted

  55. Not being trusted

  56. Trusting others

  57. Not trusting others

  58. Not trusting myself

  59. Trusting myself

  60. Being misunderstood

  61. Being threatened

  62. Threatening others

  63. Not caring

  64. Caring too much

  65. Affection

  66. Loss

  67. Being nurtured

  68. Being social

  69. Withdrawing

  70. Being frustrated

  71. Being angry

  72. Being lonely

  73. Being confused

  74. Being smart

  75. Feeling stupid

  76. Making a fool of myself

  77. Not being good enough

  78. Being ignored

  79. Being reckless

  80. Being loyal

  81. Being untruthful

  82. Obsessing over things

  83. Being good

  84. Being bad

  85. Being compulsive

  86. Getting a break

  87. Crying

  88. Not being able to cry

  89. Being competent

  90. Being incompetent

  91. Being confused

  92. Being clear headed

  93. Believing in myself

  94. Learning

  95. Not being able to learn

  96. Getting sick

  97. Being healed

  98. Emotional pain

  99. Not being able to bear the pain

  100. Desperation

  101. Harming myself

  102. Loving myself

  103. Being at peace

  104. Connecting with my spirit

  105. Losing my spirit

  106. Finding my soul’s purpose

  107. Starting all over again

  108. Being a failure

  109. Rejection

  110. Being gentle with myself

  111. Asking for help

  112. Being accountable

  113. Loss of all hope

  114. Being hopeful

  115. Closing myself off

  116. Protecting myself

  117. Darkness

  118. Being destroyed

  119. Opening my heart

  120. Having a strong will

  121. Having a weak will

  122. Allowing others to love me

  123. Being betrayed

  124. Being the betrayer

  125. Being empty

  126. Being fulfilled

  127. Getting a job

  128. Losing my job

  129. Hating my job

  130. Liking my job

  131. Making sacrifices

  132. Being nervous

  133. Being confident

  134. Being stressed

  135. Having patience

  136. Being lost

  137. Finding myself

  138. Having a panic attack

  139. Being judged

  140. Judging others

  141. Being strong

  142. Being weak

  143. Being resentful

  144. Being guilty

  145. Being scared

  146. Being brave

  147. Being responsible

  148. Being irresponsible

  149. Being thankful

  150. Being grateful

  151. Having lack

  152. Being humble

  153. Seeking direction & guidance

  154. Making a mistake

  155. Having good honor

  156. Broken dreams

  157. Creating new dreams

  158. Letting go of the past

  159. Embracing a future

  160. Living in the moment

  161. Doing hard work

  162. Taking the easy road

  163. Being powerless

  164. Being powerful

  165. Being critical

  166. Being criticized

  167. Having compassion

  168. Feeling love

  169. Life being meaningless

  170. Life being meaningful

Printable List of General
Psychological Issues
3 Pages
Printable List of Childhood Fears
1 Page

More Psychological Lists Coming Soon!

  • Health Issue

  • Relationship Issue

  • Getting a Job Issue

When we create peace inside ourselves, happiness comes naturally.

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