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Adrenal In-Office Lab Test

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Adrenal Glands are situated

on top of Kidneys

In-Office Functional Test

Koenigsburg  Urinary Adrenal Stress Test

In-office lab testing is a convenient, inexpensive way to test for adrenal function, and with immediate results,


One of the most useful tests for assessing adrenal terrain is the urinary adrenal stress test. This test, also known as the Koenigsburg Test, measures the amount of chloride displaced into the urine. Increased or decreased levels of chloride in the urine can indicate adrenal stress and fatigue, as well as kidney stress, mineral loss and acid-alkaline imbalance. In the compensation stage of stress adaptation, adrenal hyperfunctioning leads to an increased output of adrenal hormones such as cortisol and aldosterone.


This can be tested fairly easily in the urine because high levels of aldosterone cause the resorption of sodium and chloride, leading to low levels of sodium and chloride. On the other hand, adrenal hypofunctioning leads to a decreased output of cortisol and aldosterone. Low levels of aldosterone will be shown in low levels of sodium and chloride in the urine.

It is good to do the test to get a base line. The a month later to do a repeat test to determine if your nutritional herbal medicine is making improvement. Then to continue until level is normal.


At Home Adrenal Function Tests

These tests are not intended to replace medical care. See your Physician.

This information is only educational for you to learn about your body and to take responsibility for your health.

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