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Health Assessment

Bringing Back Balance!

Holistic Health Coach with Patient
Health Questionnaire
Dietary Analysis
Iridology Iris Analysis
Darkfield Microscopy
Live Cell Blood Analysis

You haven't been feeling well lately?

You're just not feeling like your real self! Lots of stress has been accumulating in your life. You have a feeling of restlessness, poor sleep, irritability and a loss of interest in work and play. Your energy is depleted, can't concentrate, feeling negative, and uncomfortable. Pain is now setting in. So you just blame it on getting old. You begin to accept a substandard quality of health. Gone is the vibrant personality.

Only people who’ve been there can truly understand what it’s like to suffer from poor health - the confusion and fatigue, aches and pains, depression and fear - and not know where to turn for help.

How did you get so far out of balance?

Actually...  There is something that you can do for yourself. You can heal your body with the power of knowledge, along with the educational guidance of a Herbalist and Holistic Health Educator. You can restore your health or manage it in a positive way. Learn about "Proactive Wellness." Help your body to stay strong and prevent further decline. Slow down the aging process. Listen to your body as it speaks to you. Learn what it is saying through its symptoms. Then give it the nourishment and healthy lifestyle that it needs to rebuild itself.   Bring Back Balance!

Assessment Tools

There are various assessment tools that you can utilize to evaluate your health status. Start with a detailed symptom picture with the Health Symptom Questionnaire. Also, Iridology Iris Assessment, Darkfield Microscopy of Live Cell Blood Analysis and Foot Reflex Analysis may also be helpful. Then learn about your Medical Doctor's blood screens and other tests. Learn about other valuable, holistic tests that you can do yourself, along with your Holistic Health Educator. Use all the tools that you can to evaluate your health. Understanding your body will help you with better communication between your Physician and Holistic Health Educator. Bridge the gap with the power of knowledge and wisdom.

Healing is a journey.

You will discover yourself in a unique way as you learn how your body heals itself. Body, mind and spirit are one. The natural approach along with the medical approach will provide you with a more comprehensive path. By looking at the whole body, instead of only part of it will bring you more long-lasting results. Once you have learned how to heal your body, you will be able to do it again and again throughout your life. You will then know and understand "balance."

Get started today!

Once all the different assessment tools about the health of body have been gathered, a Therapy Program can be implemented. When therapy begins, there should be a vision of where it is going. It will follow a course that will meet goals and will take a certain length of time. Goals will be set and achieved. As the first health goal is reached, you will see light in your tunnel of ill health and then have hope. As you begin to heal yourself, you will believe that you can heal yourself of other issues too, and rebuild your body. The journey of healing will be interesting and empowering.

Never forget your duty, health is real beauty.

Be kind to your body, mind & spirit.

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