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Fees effective January 1, 2020

By appointment only

Monday - Friday  10 am - 6 pm


Nutritionist designing program

Assessment of health and Individual Cleansing/Detox Program

designed to suit your needs.

Either a Dietary Cleanse, Herbal Cleanse or combination of both.

Herbal Medicinal plant formulas recommended

for digestion, elimination and detoxification.

Ist Visit  Consultation & Energy Testing 

$105 + tax

2nd Visit  Consultation & Iridology Analysis

$85 + tax

3rd Visit Consultation & Darkfield Live Cell Analysis

$85 + tax

Any Follow-Up  Visits thereafter

$75 + tax

Colon and digestive organs

Colonic Therapy

 1st Visit:    Free Half Hour Consultation

After the free Consultation, decide if you want to continue with the 

1 Hour Colon Therapy or  continue with a further 1 hour Consultation.  

$105 + tax

Any Therapy Sessions after 1st Visit


Single Colon Therapy Session

$90 + tax

Package 3 Colon Therapy Sessions

$240 + tax  ($80 each)

Colon Therapy Course for colonics

Rife Ion Foot Detox Therapy

Relax with a Foot Bath, either just one session,

or purchase a Group of Sessions.

1 hour  Appointment

1 session = $75 + tax (includes an EAV Organ Test)

Package 6 sessions = $330 + tax ($55 each)              

Rife Frequency Therapy

Participate in the Rife Research

  1.5 hour appointment

Consultation, Rife Scan + Rife Therapy Session

            by Donation    

Academy of Colon Hydrotherapy Canada

In-Class Course, Correspondence Program, Books,

Practical Training, Accommodation,

                          Exam & Mentoring                                 

$2,500 + tax

Invest in your health for longevity & quality of health!

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