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pH can be measured using a simple at-home test that checks the acidity of your urine (first-morning urine is the one to measure). The pH paper used to test acid/alkaline levels is available at most health food stores. Instructions on how to use this paper are simple and easy to understand, and we recommend testing your pH as you begin the process of switching to an alkaline diet.

Steps to getting an accurate urine pH reading

The first step in establishing an alkaline diet is to assess your current pH. A good approximation of tissue pH is easily obtained by testing the pH of your  first-morning urine. Follow these simple steps to test your pH at home.

1.  Obtain and become familiar with pH test paper. This paper measures the acid/alkaline state of any liquid. Readings at the low end of the scale indicate an acidic state, and those on the higher end, a more alkaline state.

2. First thing in the morning, after at least 6 hours of sleep or rest without urinating if possible, get a test strip or tear off a three-inch piece of paper from the roll. It is alright if you need to get up in the middle of the night to urinate. Just do not eat anything or be active. In all cases simply measure your urine when you get up to stay.  Either urinate directly on the paper, or collect urine in a cup and dip the paper into the urine in the cup.

3. As the test paper is moistened, it will take on a color. The color relates to the acid or alkaline state of your urine  and ranges from yellow to dark blue. Match the color of your test strip with the chart provided on the package. A number below 7 means that your urine is on the acid side. The lower the number, the more acidic the condition. Seven indicates a neutral state, neither acid nor alkaline.

4. Keep track of your pH levels for a few weeks. The ideal urine reading should fall between 6.5 and 7.5  with an occasional lower (more acidic) reading.

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