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Muscle Response Test

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Muscle Response Energy Analysis

This Analysis is very similar the EAP Analysis. Energy flows through the acupuncture circuits, but are also attached to the muscle system of the body. It is a system used to communicate with the energy and consciousness of the body.

Muscle Response Testing is a non-invasive style of testing the body. It relies upon the electrical impulses (distributed by the brain) sent out to govern every organ and gland in the body. This is a similar type of Applied Kinesiology assesses the energy flow through the meridians of the acupuncture system. These circuits are attached to the muscles. When the muscle (usually the arm) is pressed as the person resists, it will be an indication of the strength or weakness of its corresponding organ. Various remedies can be held against the circuit to indicate if it will strengthen the organ. A person’s supplements can be tested to determine if they are effective for their condition.

The body works on the same principle as a finely tuned engine. Electrical impulses sent to the spark plugs at very specific intervals, keeps the engine running smooth. The same goes for the body. Along these electrical pathways (meridians) in the body are points referred to as reflex points where the amount of electrical flow can be determined.


Muscle Response Testing is done by touching the body on or near a reflex point (acupuncture point) and pushing down on a muscle. If the muscle weakens, it is an indication that that particular organ or gland is not operating sympathetically with the rest of the body. If the muscle remains strong, that organ or gland is working sympathetically with the body.

Remember, the body operates on nutrition and electricity. The body receives electrical pulses from the brain and can be compared to a battery with a DC current. The weakened muscle is an indication of too much energy or too little energy flowing in that area, organ or gland. This is the basis for using each reflex point on the body.

Each reflex point on one's body is associated with a gland and or organ. Through this technique, if a gland or organ is deficient in your system, the practitioner that is muscle testing you will ask or name some of the symptoms related with that particular area. You may recognize some or all the symptoms, mentioned, and realize there may be an energetic problem with that particular organ and or gland.

Muscle Response Testing relies on the intricate sensitivities of the human body. The Health Practitioner recognizes the fluctuations and reflexes to narrow down to the greatest energetic weaknesses or greatest energetic over stimulation possibly occurring in the body.



Energetic Levels of the following:

  • Organs

  • Digestive system

  • Immune system

  • Bacteria, parasites, viruses

  • Endocrine system

  • Hormonal/emotional

  • Toxicity

  • Metals/chemicals

  • Allergy/sensitivity

  • Lymphatic system

  • Vitamin Mineral

Muscle Responses measure the body's energy system through acupuncture meridians. The meridian system, while invisible to the eye, is believed to link all the body's organs and systems. It can identify various energetic imbalance in the body.


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