Meditation Group


Meditation & the Study of Metaphysics

"Eclectic Spirit"

Meditation Group

Our Meditation group meets from 7:30pm to 9pm every second Wednesday evening at my home.

61 John Street West, Waterloo, ON  N2L 1B5 

To inquire or join... contact Joanne   519-498-6585 mobile/text

See Schedule below.

Come every session or only when you can attend.

After doing meditation in our group, we will engage in the study, discussion and practice of metaphysics and healing.

We will learn how to live with peace and harmony according to the laws of the environmental, natural world that we live in.

We will explore states of consciousness through the ancient Egyptian and Native,  Indigenous ways of spiritual experience.



We live in a very stressful culture that has a lot of confusion, pain and suffering. We all need healing.

At our group, we will practice the art of various energy healing modalities on each other.

For example, healing with sound & light,

hands-on energy work, chanting, breath work, and much more.



Metaphysics is the study of the natural world, reality and existence. It is the spiritual root of life.

Metaphysics is the foundation of philosophy according to Aristotle.

It is for the spiritual seeker who seeks an even deeper understanding of the  meaning of life.

Meta means the laws "over and above" Physics.

"Eclectic Spirit"  Meditation Group


Alternate Wednesday Evenings  7:00pm - 8:30pm


Each Gathering will follow this format:

5 minutes of Opening the Circle.

20 minutes Meditation

40 minutes Study of Metaphysics or Healing

5 minutes Closing Circle

Meditation Group is now Closed for New Members, but ask to join us as a Guest.




We follow the process of visualizing the white light through the chakras

and then resting it in the silence of the seed atom of the heart.

Metaphysics Topics & Schedule

                                                                                                    Summer 2019


Wednesday, June 19


Celebration of Summer Solstice

Wednesday, July 3


Wednesday, July 17


Wednesday, July 31


Wednesday, August 14


Wednesday, August 28


Group will re-focus for September

I am the center of light.

Only good will come to me

and only good will go forth from me.

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