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Egyptian Aromatherapy

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Egyptian Aromatherapy

Relaxing aroma-massage to soothe out the every day stresses that linger within. Egyptian Essential Oil Blends with high vibrations will transport you to an inner world of peace. Treat yourself to the calmness and joy of Egyptian Massage that you so deserve!

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Egyptian Aroma-Massage is a relaxing massage with Egyptian essential oil blends that open the auric field where cellular tissue memory can be released. These blockages are stored in the muscles and tissues that can result in stiffness or physical pain. Then the body becomes clear and a lighter feeling results.


Each Egyptian essential oil blend will affect individuals differently on some level as they vary in vibrational energy patterns just like the human body and everything around us. As we work with the chakras and oils, you will discover which one works best for you. Your subtle fields can return to an ideal vibrational pattern and restore the body to higher states of health.

Many of today's health problems arise from stress. Stress upsets the delicate balance of all the body's functions. To regain balance requires realigning the vibrations of that balance. The Egyptian oils bring a special healing power that relaxes, reduces stress, and opens the auric field to a greater feeling of JOY. 

Many people find that deep tissue tenses their muscles while aromatherapy actually relaxes the muscles to release tension. Everyone is individual. Treat yourself to an interesting, amazing massage with Egyptian essential oils that will lift your spirit to a happier state!

Egyptian Essential Oils

Priestess Amber

Combines the true essence of the female embodiment with the true absolute components of Arabian, Indian and Russian Sandalwood, Amber blend created for this scent with a touch of Nile Reed and Papyrus pure oil.


A peaceful scent with Egyptian Musk single note with the ethers of Egyptian Sandalwood and far east wind arising and exhaling from the Nile that slumbers into the subtle spice of Crimson Egyptian Red Musk.


Egyptian Red & Black Musk, Cardamom. a touch of Frankincense, Egyptian Amber, White Amber, Egyptian Sandalwood, White Lotus, Black Orchid and White Musk.


White Amber, Khushour Incense, Chandra, and White Incense.


Sweet Cinnamon, subtle cardamon, sharp citrus fruit from boats sailing down the Nile, along with Egyptian soft Amber pillowed on a reed blossoming with Red Egyptian Musk. Transport yourself to the banks of the Nile at Thebes and breathe deeply the intoxicating scent of Karnack.

Temple Amber

Deep Vetiver Resin, Black Patchouli Incense, Temple NA Absolute, Egyptian cedar, Egyptian Frankincense, Egyptian Sandalwood, Egyptian Rock Rose, Egyptian Patchouli, Egyptian Siam.


Nile Ozone, Papyrus, Cream of Strawberry accord, White Incense and Alexandrian Sea Salt accord.

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