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Adrenal Self Test

These tests are here because the adrenal gland and thyroid gland are implicated in so many causes of ill health. It is best to test yourself first and then speak with your Health Care Practitioner or Medical doctor.

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Test Yourself for Adrenal Stress

Adrenal Gland Functional Signs and Symptoms Analysis

A number of helpful tools assist in gathering a more functionally-oriented history in patients presenting with stress and adrenal issues. For example, a functional signs and symptoms questionnaire includes many lifestyle and medical history questions that give us an idea of stress loads; and a stress test evaluation questionnaire is a subjective assessment of the major stressors patients are experiencing. The data from these questionnaires will help to guide you in performing further evaluation.

Adrenal Function Tests You Can Do At Home

ADRENAL FUNCTION TEST #1- Postural Hypotension

Postural hypotension (also known as orthostatic hypotension) is a drop in blood pressure that occurs upon rising from a horizontal position.  It is commonly expressed as a  feeling of dizziness or lightheadedness, a "head rush", or "standing up too fast".


To do this test, you will need a blood pressure cuff.  Lie down and rest for 5 minutes. Take a blood pressure reading while still horizontal.  Then, stand up and take another reading. 

Normally, your blood pressure should rise 10-20 points. If it drops, particularly by 10 points or more, hypoadrenia is indicated. Generally, the bigger the drop, the greater the adrenal insufficiency.

It should also be mentioned that low blood pressure in general is also an indicator of exhausted adrenals when present in conjunction with the other symptoms of adrenal gland fatigue.

ADRENAL FUNCTION TEST #2-Iris Contraction Test

For this test you will need a weak flashlight or penlight, and a mirror.  In a dark bathroom or closet, wait a minute for your eyes to adjust to the dark. This will allow your pupils to dilate (open) fully. Then, shine the flashlight into your eyes, and watch the reaction of your pupils for at least 30 seconds. 

The light should cause your iris to contract, making your pupils (the dark spot in the center of your eye) smaller.  Normally, they should stay that way, but if you have adrenal gland fatigue, the iris will be weak and will not be able to hold the contraction, it will either waver between contracted and relaxed, or will contract initially, but then open up after 10-30 seconds.

As with the postural hypotension test, the degree to which you "fail" this test is an indicator of the degree of adrenal insufficiency you are experiencing

ADRENAL FUNCTION TEST #3-Sergent's Adrenal White Line

With your fingernail or the dull end of a spoon,  draw a line across your belly.  In moderate to severe cases of adrenal fatigue, the line will stay white, and even get wider over the course of time, while a "normal" reaction would be for the line to almost immediately turn red.

This test has historically been used to indicate severe adrenal fatigue and Addison's Disease. Milder cases of adrenal fatigue may not exhibit this sign.

above Adrenal Function Tests

These tests are not intended to replace medical care. See your Physician.

This information is only educational for you to learn about your body and to take responsibility for your health.

See Disclaimer below.

Never forget your duty,

health is real beauty.

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