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Understanding Detox


Toxic Buildup

Have you ever said, “I’m not constipated. I eliminate every day and I don’t need a colon cleansing.”?

Despite daily eliminations, many people are not aware that they may have a bowel problem. Very often, the complete length of the colon is impacted with old, hardened fecal matter, leaving only a narrow channel for smaller, softer feces to pass through, failure to cleanse the colon is like having the garbage-collecting staff go on strike for months on end!

The colon is the sewage system of the body. If the waste matter in the colon is allowed to build up, it will decay, absorb through the walls of the colon into the bloodstream.

These toxins can:

  • poison the lungs so that your breath is foul

  • poison the blood and lymph so that your skin is sallow and unhealthy

  • poison the brain and nervous system so that you become depressed, irritable, weak, and listless

  • poison the digestive system so that you are distressed and bloated

In short, every organ is affected. You look and feel old, have stiff and painful joints, dull eyes, and sluggish thinking. Finally, you lose the meaning and joy of living.


According to many Natural Healers, the main cause of illness is due to toxemia. This is the accumulation in the body of wastes, toxins, or poisons (free radicals). These toxins accumulate primarily as a result of devitalized foods, drugs and chemicals, lack of exercise, poor air to breathe and too much personally produced stress.

Toxins often participate in initiating diseases. They build up in the body. The body tries to throw them off or just stores them. If they get stored, the toxins will cause inflammation, first acute, then chronic, leading to illness.

The lymphatic system gathers the toxins from the cells and blood; and pumps them to the toxin “exit door”. These channels are the skin, which expels toxins by sweating; the kidneys by urination; the lungs by expelling breath; the liver by filtration; and the colon by defacation.


The colon’s main responsibility is the elimination of toxins. When the colon is overburdened with poisons, this situation will cause further toxic stress on the skin, lungs, kidneys, and of course the liver, blood and lymph. If the colon has a depletion of protective, friendly bacteria, the toxins will easily leak out and poison other organs in the body. This is called autointoxication, whereby the body poisons itself. This can lead to serious disease.


Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting are forceful efforts by the body to prevent toxic substances from getting absorbed into the body. Colds, or flu-like symptoms are efforts by the body to flush toxins from the system by involving glands and mucus membranes. Other ways are through the organs, including the upper respiratory tract (excluding from the nose, sinus, tonsils, larynx, bronchi); skin (boils, acne, eczema, psoriasis); breast and uterus (chronic discharges and infection). When these symptoms are suppressed by drug medications, the body will store the toxins, thus causing further toxic damage.

Inflammation is an effort by the body to use its white cells to attack toxic wastes recognized as being contrary to a state of health in the body. Continued toxicity can cause a depletion of the power of the immune system to do its job effectively.

Intestinal Toxins

The following is a list of the various poisons that can be found in a toxic colon: indol, skarol, phenol, cresol, sulpuretted, hydrogen, methylmercaptan, urobilin, histidine, ammonia, pentamethy lendiamine, tetramerhy-lendiamin, putrescine, neurin, cadaverin, butyric acid, cholin, methylgandinine, bera-imidazzolethylamine, agmatine, sepsin, sulpherrolobine, and idolethylamine.

Several of these 36 poisons are highly active and can produce profound effects on the body. In some cases these toxins from the colon are constantly bathing the delicate body cells which can result in grave cases of disease.


Many Nutritionists place emphasis on the rebuilding of the body by a restricting diet and the use of many different types of supplements. This can place an intense burden on the body, already in a toxic and electro-chemically confused state. Fasting can be too intense for an extremely weak or toxic body and can result in a cleansing reaction. Cleansing more than one body system at a time may be too stressful for some bodies. The logical place to start is with the main eliminator – the polluter – the colon.

Colon Cleansing Program

Colon cleansing is usually approached through the use of cleansing herbs by Natural Health Practitioners. Select a Practitioner who specializes in diet and colon cleansing. Have a Program designed especially to meet your needs. It is not necessary to continually experience symptoms of constipation, diarrhea, etc., when the condition can easily be corrected.

If the colon is cleansed thoroughly, the body will better absorb and assimilate nutrients that are needed to keep its vitality and energy before doing more detoxification of the colon through a good cleansing program.

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