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Holistic Health Coach with Patient
Health Consultation

Have a Consultation about your health with an experienced Nutritional Health Educator. Learn about what your body is expressing with its symptoms. See a Health Coach to make a Plan to rejuvenate your health.

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Muscle Response Analysis

Energy flows through the acupuncture system of the body. They are energy circuits that feed vitality to the organs. When the flow is steady, health is maintained. A simple meter can be used to check the flow of energy to these organs.

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In-Office Lab Test

Several Lab Tests such as urinalysis tests are included in the Consultation. They can indicate adrenal testing, calcium absorption, pH balance, etc. Other tests such as Hair Analysis can be obtained from a Lab.

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Dietary Analysis

We all need reminders about eating healthy. Certain eating patterns may not be friendly specifically to your body. Learn how to alkalize the body with nutrient dense foods for more energy and vitality.

Iridology Analysis

Analysis of the iris of the eyes can indicate toxic stresses in the body. The iris is a map of the body that can show darkness in the areas of the organs. When herbal plants are taken,the areas will lighten followed with improved health.

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Symptomatology Test

The body speaks to us through symptoms. Most people ignore or don't recognize this. It wants to be healed. Often we will hear its voice long before our health is compromised. Pay attention to its symptoms.

Meridian Organ Analysis

Energy flows through the acupuncture system of the body. They are energy circuits that feed vitality to the organs. When the flow is steady, health is maintained. A simple meter can be used to check the flow of energy to these organs.

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Live Cell Blood Analysis

A finger prick of blood viewed with a powerful, darkfield microscope can reveal information to gain insight how to rebuild your health. These indicators show what needs attention through detox, diet and lifestyle.

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Take some Self-Test Questionnaires to get some clues about your health.

Check your symptoms for thyroid, adrenal and menopause. They can be done on this website and then be interpreted at your appointment.

Vegetables and Herbs
Herbal Medicine Therapy

Various friendly, Herbal Detox Programs to suit your needs and likings, whether simple or advanced, short or long duration. Learn how to eat to nourish your body.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colon Cleansing either with Colonic Hydrotherapy or alternatively with Herbal Formulas. Programs to provided to improve digestion, regularity and vibrancy of organs. Cleansing takes the toxic pressure off all other organs.

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Frequency Therapy

Frequency Resonance Therapy emits scaler waves that can dismantle energetic pathogens and provide healing energies. Join this Research project with a FREE Session.

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Voltage Therapy

We are electromagnetic beings. Our cells need enough voltage for them to heal and make new, healthy cells. There has to be enough voltage current for energy to travel to each of the organs to heal a body. This therapy opens those circuits while increasing the voltage. 

Mind Balancing

Very often our energy is weakened due to trauma and emotional issues. The body can be strengthened through Psychological Energy Balancing by a simple Breath Technique to release blocked energy. Learn this powerful tool to change your life.

Ion Foot Detox Therapy

Putting the feet in warm, ionized salt water can be relaxing and a great way to simply detoxify the body. Just like the therapeutic Salt Spring Baths, an Ion Foot Bath can draw toxins out from the feet into the water helping to restore energy and vitality.

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Virtual Meditation Group

Finding inner peace can enlighten your life. Going into silence where the center of calmness can melt away the stresses of the body, mind and spirit.

Learn how to balance yourself and nourish your spirit.. Send an email for info, or to join our group.

Cleanse and detox for a healthier,
more energetic body.

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