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From ancient times, herbs have played a vital role in the healing traditions of many cultures. herbal Plant Medicines can be used for the alleviation of illness, support people's health and wholeness, helping them to stay at their personal peak of vitality.

The herbal approach to detoxification is based upon the perception that the human body is a self healing and homeostatic irganism. The body has a wonderfully effective and astoundingly complex mechanism for ridding the body of waste and poisons.

The cleansing factor...

You won't be able to absorb enough nourishment from organic foods, expensive supplements, or positive thoughts if your body is still burdened with wastes and toxins left over from the days of poor diet and poor stress management habits. Start your journey to better health by cleansing your body. Then you'll benefit far more from healthy lifestyle changes.

Using simple and safe herbs will support this natural process, as long as the elimination processes are addressed as a whole, and not just the colon, as is often the case. It must be ensured that all organs of elimination are being helped at the same time. In addition always help the specific area of the body that has been under most toxic pressure.

Examples would be, the lungs in a tobacco smoker or the liver in someone with alcohol-related problems. The herbal approach to detoxification can thus be summarized:

  • Support for the whole process of elimination

  • Specific support for overly taxed organs

  • Alleviation of symptoms and addressing any pathologies with your family doctor that may be present.

Herbal Actions for Elimination

Supporting Pathways of elimination in the body:

The use of plants for healing dates back to the beginning of civilization, and is the foundation of pharmacology. Plant substances from around the world are used for their healing effects and nutritional value. Unlike drugs, plants rarely cause side effects, and a combination of herbs can be chosen for your specific condition. New herbal formulas are continually coming into the market place that have great efficacy with lots of associated research. Only the herbs with good research data and proven results are chosen for your wellness.

  • Digestive System and Colon  -  laxative

  • Kidneys and Urinary System  -  diuretic

  • Liver and Blood  -  hepatic, alterative

  • Lymphatic System  -  alterative, tonic

  • Skin - diaphoretic, alterative

  • Respiratory  -  expectorant, anti-catarrhal

  • General Systemic Support  -  tonic, alterative, adaptogen, anti-microbial


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