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Learn how to have emotional freedom.

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You can learn this yourself or make an appointment, so it can be taught to you.

Living a life in human form can be very challenging. It is often a bumpy road leading to emotional traumas. We all experience them. Often we learn how to suppress them. Other times they burst forth into our everyday experiences that can bring pain and suffering. All in all, they actually are energy blockages that slow us down from being and living our true selves. If we can change our energy, we can change our thinking and feeling about them. Then be free.

In a Muscle Response Test, you would not be able to hold your arm up while thinking of an issue while another person pushes down on it. When you try to resist, your muscle will go weak, if you have an issue with that thought. If you weaken on many thoughts surrounding an issue, you will find it difficult to overcome the issue as you will weaken in your mind, emotions and body. If you want to go forth with emotional freedom, then strengthen your energy thoughts and your life will go forth with ease and renewal.

It is best to start with Childhood Issues, then do General Psychological Issues. Your energy can be strengthened by doing the Tapping Technique or the simpler, more effective Breath Technique. Choose one or the other technique.

You deserve the best. You deserve to have emotional freedom. You deserve to have a good chance to be your true self. The Breath Technique is subtle, but accumulative to make positive change!

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When I am happy,

nothing much else matters

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