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Historical Use of Herbs

Kola Nut    (mental energy)

Historically these herbs & foods have been known to be used for:

Kola Nut is a mild stimulant for exhaustion and stress related fatigue. It is a general tonic to improve mental clarity, manual dexterity, speed and accuracy.


Bacopa Monneri (Brahmi) improves brain function, antioxidant, helps with blood sugar balance


Ginseng combats stress and improves reflexes, normalizes blood pressure, and slows the aging process.


Fenugreek seeds dissolves fatty deposits and mucus buildup.

kola nut group.jpg
kola nut
bacopa monneri brahmi.jpg
bacopa monneri
fenugreek seeds.jpg

Let your food be your medicine and

your medicine be your food.

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