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Voltage Organ Analysis

Energy flows through the body to and from each of the organs. Each pathway is called an energy circuit or what we know as the meridians. They travel through nodes or points along these acupuncture lines.

Bu using a simple electrical meter, the energy flow can be measured by pressing on the end points of each meridian. Each organ has its own meridian circuit. The end points of these circuits are located on the fingers and toes of the feet. Some clinics have a computerized system. However, a simple meter works just fine! The energy flow to each organ should be balanced. If it is overstimulated or weakened, that organ will not be receiving the required energy to function optimally.

This is called a Biofeedback device whereby the body will give an energy reading back to indicate its stresses and needs. This analysis gives just another clue in understanding the health of the body. Combined with other types of analysis, it can be determined how the body is speaking to you and what it is saying. A program then can be constructed to bring vitality back to the organs and overall health and well-being.

Dr Reinhold Voll of Germany experimented with the acupuncture meridians in the late '40's and found them to be access points through which the energy of the meridians could be measured. It is upon this foundation and research that the sophisticated computerized electrodermal measuring systems of today base their evolution. Once Dr. Voll was able to measure the meridian energy system, he used this premise to access the vitality of the body's organs. He found a way to differentiate the electrical impedance of healthy and sick people, and by the end of 1980, Voll's process had become computerized. Known as Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll {EAV}, groundbreaking systems such as Voll's are now classified as "biofeedback" in the United States.

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