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Jade Natural Clinic & Spa

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Jade Natural

Clinic & Spa

Alternative Medicine to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Take the Healing Journey!

Jade Natural

Clinic & Spa

Joanne Brophy, Herbalist, uses medicinal plant medicine to cleanse, detoxify

and rebuild a new, healthy body with renewed energy and vitality.

Jade is a Holistic Clinic and Spa designed with solutions and results.

It has its beginnings in 1983 serving thousands of people across

Waterloo Region, Ontario and beyond, for many years.

Do you have borderline health?

Do you have bodily pain, discomfort and bothersome symptoms that are not being reversed

through conventional medicine or even traditional naturopathy?

Most often the problem may be that the program is not holistic, all encompassing,

and with no education to learn how to look after yourself.

You end up giving your power away without getting powerful health wisdom.


Cleanse, Detoxify & Rebuild for a healthier, more vibrant body, mind and spirit.

  • Learn more about constipation, diarrhea, digestive challenges and bowel problems.

  • Learn how to rebuild the gut microbiome environment

  • Learn how to detoxify the skin, kidneys, lungs, liver, lymph and blood.

  • Learn how to reduce stress by balancing brain transmitters.

  • Learn which nutrients are missing and most vital to your body specifically.

  • Learn what is harming your body, so that you can avoid them or deal with them.

  • Learn how to have a healthy body, mind and spirit; and how to look great too!

  • Learn how to get out of pain, reduce stress, anxiety, sleep better and prevent ill health.

  • Learn which of your supplements are helping you and which ones are not.


With a caring heart, extensive knowledge, and Joanne's many years experience, you will be in good hands.

She will guide you, teach you and support you.


Health Consultation
Dietary Analysis
Meridian Organ Analysis
Adrenal Stress Analysis
Muscle Response Analysis
Iridology Analysis
Live Cell Blood Analysis
Self Tests
Herbal Medicine Therapy
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Spa Therapies

Colonic Hydrotherapy
Ion Foot Detox Therapy
Jade Reflexology
Egyptian Aromatherapy
Jade Lymph Massage
Jade Facial Rejuvenation
Chakra Sound & Light
Meditation Group
Frequency Therapy
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Joanne Brophy, Certified Herbalist, Nutritonist and Digestive Care Specialist has over 30 years specializing in herbal medicine, colonics, digestion, elimination, skin care, diets & more, bringing back balance to health. With a caring heart, extensive knowledge, and her many years experience, you will be in good hands. She will guide you, teach you and support you to achieve your health goals.

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