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Your Health

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Heal Your

J a d e   N a t u r a l   C l i n i c

Alternative Medicine to heal the body, mind and spirit.

New Address:   635 Havelock Street, Lucknow, Ontario N0G 2H0 Canada

Jade Natural Clinic is now located within Dragonfly Medicine House Retreat

Helping you live a happier, healthier life

Whether you want to make lifestyle changes, need to make dietary adaptations, or are ready to learn new health building principles,
we have the tools you need to live a
happier, healthier life. 

Specializing in Alternative Medicine since 1983
Detoxing & Rebuilding the body from
devastating, chronic, energetic enervation with
state-of- the-art tests and 
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Take the Healing Journey!

Joanne Brophy, CH., CNC.,Certified Herbalist, Nutritionist and Digestive Care Specialist has over 30 years specializing in diversified health issues. With a caring heart, extensive knowledge, and her many years experience, you will be in good hands. She will guide you, teach you and support you to achieve your health goals.



A Consultation is $150 for a 2 hour appointment. Follow-up appointments are $120 for a 2 hour appointment or

$60 for a 1 hour appointment.

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Health Assessment Tools

Assessment tools to thoroughly evaluate your physical body, mental body, emotional body and body electric for the cause of your imbalance.



State-of-the-Art therapeutics to re-align, nourish, correct, and restore your health back to homeostasis.

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Wellness Spa

Pamper yourself and enjoy  nurturing Spa Treats such as facials, massages, bodywork, and energy healing.

Reiki Treatment


Bed & Breakfast & Retreat

Take time to nourish yourself before caring for others. Do a Getaway Stay or Retreat Program to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize your amazing self.

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ColoHydro Therapy


1st Session with Consultation: $120

(2 hour appt.)

Any other Sessions: $100

(1 hour, 15 min. appt.)

Package of 3 after 1st Session

$270 ($90 each)



Schedule your appointment today 

             Call/Text  519-498-6585

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